Webinar by Flowmon “Encrypted Traffic Analysis”


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15 Apr 2020, 3pm - 4pm

Innovation Martlesham Company Flowmon  would like to invite you to their Webinar on Encrypted Traffic Analysis

with Guest Speaker

David Townsend, Senior Presales Engineer 

"Encrypted Traffic Analysis"

In today’s networks, encrypting traffic has become a standard to ensure privacy, security, integrity, and confidentiality and be compliant with various measures such as HIPAA, NISD, or GDPR. Although encrypted traffic does bring multiple benefits to users, it also brings some challenges. Unfortunately, cybercriminals leverage the lack of visibility to allow infiltration and steal business-sensitive data.

In this webinar,  David will present how a security operations team can detect the unknown, see the unseen, and to hunt the encrypted traffic threats.  

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David has also recently taken part in the series ‘Nicky in conversation with …’    Please click the link to listen to our podcast.


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