Money, Money, Money – Who Ya Gonna Call ?


1030 Registration and refreshments
1040 Welcome and overview of the IM knowledge sharing series
1050 Guest Speaker - Dominic
1110 Guest Speaker - Simon
1130 Guest Speaker - William
1150 Guest Speaker - Kevin
1210 Questions & Informal networking
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06 Nov 2018, 1030 - 1230


Innovation Martlesham, in association with Suffolk Coastal District Council would like to invite you to another knowledge sharing event


The Ross Building, Adastral Park

"Money, Money, Money - who ya gonna call?

Part  of a knowledge sharing series from Innovation Martlesham


with Guest Speakers


Dominic Keen, CEO and Founder Britbots  

Simon Elliott, Barclays, 

William Millar, Growth Hub

Kevin Gooding OXEMS

There comes a point in time with a start-up or scale-up company when the thought of an injection of cash is considered. The success of a certain TV show might lead you to believe finding an investor is the best option however they are other options that should also be considered before making a final choice. Attendees of this event will benefit from the knowledge Innovation Martlesham (IM) has gained from working with over a hundred companies who are part of the IM cluster at Adastral Park, Ipswich, UK. This session will provide a good overview of the key issues anyone considering a cash injection to their company need to consider.  

Topics include:


  Dominic Keen, CEO and Founder Britbots  
  • What are the different types of investors
  • Advantages and disadvantages of crowd funding, Angels, VC and private equity
  • Is the BBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ typical of an investment pitch
  • How do I value my company

Simon Elliott, Barclays Bank  
  • How do banks differ to investors
  • What are the different types of loans a bank can offer
  • What do I need to show to get a loan
  • How do I pay the loan back and what if I can’t repay
  William Millar, Growth Hub William Millar, Growth Hub  
  • What types of cash injection can local or central government give me
  • How do I qualify and what are the drawbacks if I’m successful with my application are the different types of loans a bank can offer
  • Is there an option through the universities for cash or equivalent
  • Can I apply for multiple loans/grants based on the different stages of my company?
  Kevin Gooding, Founder OXEMS   "How was it for me"
  • How did you know you needed a cash input to your company
  • What options did you consider
  • How did you get your cash
  • What would you do differently


** IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be advised that a delegate list will be created for hand-out at the event, for networking purposes. If you would like your name, company and job function to be included for other attendees to see, please let Jim know. This data will not be stored by Innovation Martlesham after the event **

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