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21 Jul 2011, -

Innovation Martlesham Hosts First Breakfast Networking Event

First informal ICT networking event with speakers takes place in Ross On, Thursday, July 21st, Innovation Martlesham hosted the first of many informal breakfast networking events for ICT companies.  The event took place in the recently refurbished Ross building foyer at Adastral Park. After a welcome and introduction by David Ralph, the Chairman of Innovation Martlesham, Alex Smeets founder of Cambridge Funding Solutions and Graham Popple, the Head of IP&D Delivery Performance at BT addressed the audience. Alex Smeets 2 Alex Smeets spoke about the funding opportunities available to ICT  companies as well as some tips for success and what to avoid while applying for grant funding.   Graham Popple 2Graham Popple gave his insight into the problem of the world running out of addresses for the internet, and the solution of moving to a new protocol called IPv6, to  provide a massively expanded address space.

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