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19 Oct 2021, 0815 - 0900


Innovation Martlesham, in association with TechEast, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking WEBINAR Event

with Guest Speaker From Infinera


Geoff Bennett.  Director, Solutions and Technology at Infinera Corp    

“A Roadmap for Fiber Capacity”

With modern optical transmission technology able to push close to the theoretical limits of existing capacity (the Shannon Limit), where do we look next for the capacity we need to satisfy ever-growing bandwidth demands?  In this presentation Geoff Bennett will explain the origins of the theoretical limits in layperson’s terms, and present a roadmap of options for the next steps in capacity growth.  These will be clearly broken down into options that are commercially available today, and options that may be available in the future. The past 18 months have driven changes across all aspects of life. For many organisations the ‘New Normal’ will lead to many more individuals working from home or being educated at home.    

PLACES ARE LIMITED AND ATTENDANCE IS BY REGISTRATION ONLY. Please register by contacting jim.milne@innovationmartlesham.com and await further joining instructions.

    PERSONAL PROFILE - Geoff Bennett Geoff Bennett is the Director of Solutions & Technology for Infinera, a leading manufacturer of Intelligent Transport Network solutions.  He has over 35 years of experience in the data communications industry, including IP routing with Proteon and Wellfleet; ATM and MPLS experience with FORE Systems; and optical transmission and switching experience with Marconi, where he held the position of Distinguished Engineer in the CTO Office.  Geoff is a frequent conference speaker, and is the author of “Designing TCP/IP Internetworks”, published by VNR.

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