IM Breakfast Speaker Event – September


0800 Welcome and Registration
0820 Guest Speaker - John Matthews
0830 Guest Speaker - Robert Leggett
0840 Guest Speaker - Gary Lockwood
0900 Further Networking
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16 Sep 2014, 0800 - 0930


Innovation Martlesham, in association with IP Network, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event

With Guest Speakers

John Matthews, Business Services Partner &  Robert Leggett, Corporate Tax Partner,  Ensors Chartered Accountants “R&D Tax Credits and UK Patent Box.  The Tax benefits” John and Robert will give an overview of the UK R&D Tax Credit system and the new Patent Box, the tax benefits available, and in particular how you might qualify.  This is a topical area with a growing number of claims to both reliefs being made, and with a number of large US based companies looking to take over UK based companies with a view to taking advantage of our competitive tax regime. and Gary Lockwood, Group R&D and Patent Box Relief, BT “The Government wants to give you money … what’s holding you back?” A look at some of the methodologies and models used by BT to identify and assess qualifying activity for R&D tax relief, and how BT reached agreement with HM Revenue & Customs on the new Patent Box incentive. PLACES ARE LIMITED AND ATTENDANCE IS BY REGISTRATION ONLY.  To register please contact Nicky Daniels.   PERSONAL PROFILE – John Matthews john matthews Partner and Mentor to Innovation Martlesham.  John looks after a mixed bag of Partnerships and Limited Companies providing advice on accountancy, taxation and general business matters.  John specialises in  pre start up and early stage businesses.  John is involved with R&D tax claims, EIS Investment claims etc PERSONAL PROFILE – Robert Leggett robert_leggett for events Robert is a specialist Corporate Tax Partner. Robert has wide ranging experience of dealing with R&D Tax Credit claims, and some of the first claims under the new Patent Box; preparing the applications and managing and negotiating the claims with HMRC. Robert gives advice on company structures etc to improve tax efficiency PERSONAL PROFILE – Gary Lockwood gary lockwood With responsibility for Group R&D and Patent Box relief, Gary has been with BT for over 30 years. He joined BT Group Tax in 2004 with the objective to design, set up and implement an annual assessment programme for all relevant activity across BT’s UK operations. As one of the largest claims in the UK, the assessment programme covers thousands of technical deliveries annually. He has also worked closely with both HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs on the structure of R&D and Innovations large company relief in the UK. Prior to joining Group Tax, Gary spent 20 years at BT’s research laboratories at Adastral Park in a variety of business, commercial and finance roles.

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