IM Breakfast Speaker Event – June


0800 Registration and networking over refreshments
0820 Guest Speaker, Jonathan Davenport
0840 Guest Speaker, Gilbert Owusu
0900 Questions and informal networking
0930 Close

18 Jun 2014, 0800 - 0930


Innovation Martlesham, in association with IP Network, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event

With Guest Speakers

Jonathan Davenport, Business Consultant, Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd. “Forecasting the Future for Profit” Developing a hypothesis about how customers and competitors will behave in markets is essential for business leaders that are looking to build a profitable company. However this is no easy task, because markets are complex and multidimensional. Jonathan will explain how you can combine all your available insights into a market forecast model. This creates a single picture of market behaviour that will help you invest in the right markets and target the right segments at the right time. As a result your company can benefit from increased sales volumes, reduced costs, time efficiencies and better company-wide strategic alignment. & Dr Gilbert OwusuHead of Resource Management, Technologies & Innovation, BT “Optimising demand forecast for field operations” Demand forecasting and planning are critical steps in any organization’s bid to deliver high levels of customer service. A common misconception is that forecasts are inaccurate because the statistical method, or the general methodology, is inappropriate or being applied incorrectly. There are improvements in forecast accuracy when the right approaches/models are applied to the data at hand. However data is often highly reflective of the organisational context, i.e. the scope of demand forecasting may have several dimensions. The entire organisational context may include regions, domains, products, large customers, time and so on, and the product requirements may have several types. Forecasting in all these dimensions will end up in multiples of combinations of data. The limitations of data have led to the use judgmental methods and quantitative models. Gilbert will describe the process of managing demand in variable, measurable output units for field force planning in BT. PLACES ARE LIMITED AND ATTENDANCE IS BY REGISTRATION ONLY. Please register by contacting  and await confirmation that you have been successful. PERSONAL PROFILE – Jonathan Davenport JD Jonathan Davenport works for Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd. as a Business Consultant.  Jonathan has particular experience of using market and competitor analysis to support strategy development.   He has a strong business to business sales and marketing background, developed over a number of years working in the energy and telecoms industries. PERSONAL PROFILE – Gilbert Owusu GilbertOwusu Dr. Gilbert Owusu heads the resource management technologies research at BT and is Visiting Professor at the University of Essex. The technologies developed by Gilbert and his team have underpinned major transformation programmes and led to improved customer experience, cost savings and increased resource productivity in BT. His current research focuses on developing technologies that provide a coherent approach to optimising - (i) resource utilisation; and (ii) an organisation's service production lines with external partners.

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