IM Breakfast Networking Event – April


0800 Welcome and Registration
0815 Guest Speaker - Barney Gregory
0825 Guest Speaker - Ruth Cheesley
0835 Guest Speaker - David Heatlely
0845 Guest Speaker - John Royle
0855 Further Networking
0930 Close

21 Apr 2015, 0800 - 0930


Innovation Martlesham, in association with IM Network, would like to invite you to another Free Breakfast Networking Event with Guest Speakers from 4 IM Companies,

Barney Gregory, International Commercial Director, GB Group

"Enabling Online Business - The ID Verification of Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime"

Ruth Cheesley, CEO and Co-Founder, Virya Group Limited

"Chalk and cheese - how to work together and not crumble !"

Multi-disciplinary working has been a buzz word in the corporate world for many years, but how does this work in the world of web and software development, where creative designers have to work closely with technical developers and marketers on a daily basis to deliver top quality projects in a timely way?  Often coming from different backgrounds, with different personality types and radically different ways of experiencing the world, this can be at times an explosive relationship which can be difficult to manage, and challenging for team members to learn how to work effectively together. During this short talk, Ruth Cheesley will explore her experience of working with and managing world-class designers and developers, some of the hurdles and the high points, and will share some tips on how to foster a great working relationship within your teams.

David Heatley, Chief Scientist, Scannerfutures Ltd

"RT CT - a new approach to CT scanning in healthcare that uses low intensity Radio Frequency waves rather than X-rays or intense magnetic fields"

X-ray CT and MRI scanners are widely used in public and private healthcare.  Typically they are large, expensive installations and the use of X-rays and intense magnetic fields carries a certain risk.  Scannerfutures is developing novel ways to use low intensity Radio Frequency (RT) waves as a safer alternative in CT scanning.  Not only is RT CT intrinsically safer, it also has the potential to be significantly less costly than X-ray CT and MRI in terms of capital and operating expenditure, and it lends itself to a simple compact construction that can be portable.  It, therefore, has the potential to be much more widely deployed across the health sector than current scanning systems, thereby reducing waiting times as well as reaching out into local communities through GP surgeries, health centres and mobile services.

John Royle, Chronicle

"Chronicle - The application of digital storytelling to place-making and community development"

Digital storytelling opens up new methods for people to preserve and share their personal stories.  Learn how Chronicle provides tools and services to help people record their stories and curates these stories into broader projects for local government, not-for-profits and other organisations.

PLACES ARE LIMITED AND ATTENDANCE IS BY REGISTRATION ONLY.  Please register by contacting Nicky Daniels.


Barney Gregory is the Commercial Manager at GBGroup Plc and is responsible for data acquisition through global data partners and also heads up the Channel activity of the business. Barney has spent 20 years working in the world of data, providing Risk Management solutions with organisations such as Reuters, Dun&Bradstreet, LexisNexis and has now been with GBGroup since 2011. The current vision Barney is driving towards is to enable GBGs Identity Verification platform, ID3global, to verify individuals across 50 of the worlds core markets, covering some 5 Billion global citizens within 18 months. This currently stands at 34 Markets and 3.6 Billion individuals so the vision is absolutely on track to be realised.

  PERSONAL PROFILE  - Ruth Cheesley


Ruth Cheesley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Virya Group Limited, a full-service, tech-focussed digital agency which specialises in the use and promotion of Open Source technologies. Ruth is a Joomla! specialist, with her main areas of expertise being search engine optimisation and marketing. Ruth is a recognised expert and international speaker in the field of digital technology, which has included engagements in the USA, Europe, and Africa. Ruth joined the Joomla! Community Leadership Team in March 2013, with the responsibility for developing local communities around Joomla and is liaison for the Marketing Working Group. In addition to her IT expertise, Ruth has a wide range of interests, having initially qualified as a Sport Scientist and then later gaining an MSc in Physiotherapy. She is a keen contributor to charities and voluntary organisations. Ruth also has an interest in providing alternative routes to employment for young people, and has developed a successful apprenticeship scheme at Virya Group. Ruth has a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which means her joints are too flexible and often dislocate causing pain and muscle fatigue – she is a strong advocate of supporting people with disabilities in starting up their own businesses Originally from Dorset, Ruth is now settled in Ipswich, Suffolk and is actively involved in the local business community as a committee member of Ipswich & Suffolk Small Business Association (ISSBA).  


?????????? David has been involved in front-line R&D for 30+ years, initially with BT and more recently with Scannerfutures Ltd, which he co-founded.  That experience, coupled with his broad technical knowledge in areas such as photonics, radio, telemedicine and medical imaging, underpins his role as the company’s Chief Scientist.  He holds a PhD in photonics and is a Visiting Professor of e-Health Innovation.).  


john royle 200   John is a business consultant and entrepreneur with experience across corporate, government and NFP sectors.  He has particular experience with tech start-ups and economic development. After working in the UK as a management consultant with Accenture and other strategic roles within the tech sector, John moved to Western Australia where he has spent 12 years working mostly in economic development for Local Government.  John participated in several Australian firsts including implementing the first on-line learning gateway for small businesses and in 2013 he won a Premier’s Award for his involvement in developing an innovative crowd-funding model to support digital screen projects.  John has recently returned to Suffolk with his family and is working to develop his own start-up projects. .

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