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05 Jul 2016, 0800 - 0930


Innovation Martlesham, in association with TechEast, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event

with Guest Speakers


David Heatley, Chief Scientist, Scannerfutures Ltd

"Beyond X-rays in medical scanning - what comes next?"

X-ray CT scanners are widely used in public and private healthcare.  Typically they are large expensive installations and the use of X-rays carries a certain risk.  Scannerfutures is developing novel ways to use low intensity Radio Frequency (RF) waves as a safer alternative to X-rays in medical scanning.  Not only is RF scanning intrinsically safer, it also has the potential to be significantly less costly than X-ray CT in terms of capital and operating expenditure, and it lends itself to a simple compact construction that can be portable.  RF scanning therefore has the potential to be much more widely deployed across the health sector than current scanning systems, thereby reducing waiting times as well as reaching out into local communities through village hospitals, GP surgeries, health centres and mobile units.  This talk will outline some of the applications of RF scanning in healthcare that build upon these attributes.  

Steve Kempt, Head of Customer Loyalty, BT 

"BT Working within the Health Sector - The challenges and Opportunities"

BT has been serving the NHS for over 65 years. BT Global Government and Health manages and delivers N3, the National Health Services’ broadband network, and Spine, a highly secure database of patient information which gives nearly 900,000 healthcare professionals access to patient clinical and demographic information.  Steve will share more on the challenges and opportunities in working within the Health Sector and share some of the key wins that have come through via the customer centre and showcases that he leads.




David has been involved in front-line R&D for 30+ years, initially with BT and more recently with Scannerfutures Ltd, which he co-founded.  That experience, coupled with his broad technical knowledge in areas such as photonics, radio, telemedicine and medical imaging, underpins his role as the company’s Chief Scientist.  He holds a PhD in photonics and is a Visiting Professor of e-Health Innovation.

 PERSONAL PROFILE - Steve Kempt  steve kempt 200

Steve has a wealth of experience within BT successfully building and leading Marketing, Sales, Product Management and Development teams to deliver customer focused and revenue generating activities.  Steve has extensive experience of running key company-wide initiatives for growing revenues for BT and driving up customer satisfaction to large businesses.  Steve now manages the customer centre and showcase at Adastral Park who promotes Innovation into BT's top customers.


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