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0800 Welcome & Networking
0820 Guest Speaker - Matt Farmer
0840 Guest Speaker - Achilles Petras
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10 May 2016, 0800 - 0930


Innovation Martlesham, in association with IP Network, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event

with Guest Speakers

Matt Farmer, Regional CTO EMEA, Sandvine,

"What is Quality"

Every carrier in the world is setting out to provide a quality experience for their customers. But what is quality and how do we define quality in a modern data connected world? In the Era of Telephony, the ITU defined a standard set of quality measurements for telephony, now in a world in which we watch last night’s football match on our pocket supercomputers running to the train, making telephone calls from every device except a telephone, insist on catching up on the latest home decorating TV programme at any point, on any device and still expect all our office and work applications to work flawlessly – what is quality? In this session we will explore what is quality, how it differs at the Service and Experience level and ways in which we can measure quality of experience, the existing and emerging techniques for defining quality and how standards such as ETSI ApDex Scoring may simplify quality measurement.

Achilles Petras, QoE Research Group Leader, BT

"QoE and Effective Network Anaytics"

To address QoE effectively, a holistic approach is required to identify where the QoS bottlenecks are, understand the tight relationship between application performance, traffic load and capacity, measure performance outcomes at different layers (physical, transport, application) and combine them with effective network analytics. There are different sources of network health status data from network nodes and active or passive QoE/QoS measurements that different tools and platforms are collecting from different layers vertically and several horizontal network domains. To detect more ‘silent’ events of performance degradation (in addition to the onset of upcoming network outages) and achieve effective root cause analysis, data needs to be managed, interpreted, combined and processed. Issues of data quality, large scale data processing, presentation and interpretation must be addressed to achieve this.  



Matt Farmer is Regional CTO at Sandvine, he is a veteran of the telecommunications arena with over 20 years of experience working with Tier 1 CSP's on traditional and cutting edge projects.  Matt has worked with the largest and smallest operators in the world to deliver state of the art capabilities and use cases in the areas of network policy control, Network Function Virtualisation, Service monetisation and Optimisation, Big Data analytics and security.  Matt has several patents pending in the areas of autonomous systems.  When not helping operators Matt spends his time building unmanned autonomous vehicles and 3dprinting gizmo's for his two children.


PERSONAL PROFILE - Achilles Petras archilles 150 Achilles is QoE research group leader in BT Research & Innovation. He joined BT in 1999 and worked on network performance modelling of ATM and  early Broadband networks. Since 2002 he had led the design work for BT's Broadband network capacity and performance management. From 2008 till 2012 he worked in BT Wholesale with fixed ISPs and mobile operators to provide traffic management / QoS solutions for Assured Services. In 2012 he joined Research looking at aspects of Broadband QoE, QoS roadmap & performance monitoring with a parallel focus on virtualised performance analytics. He studied at National Technical University of Athens where he gained a 1st Class Honours Diploma in Material Science and received his PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University

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