IM Breakfast Event – March


0800 Welcome and Registration
0820 Guest Speaker - Chiara Aliotta
0840 Guest Speaker - Adrian Jakeman
0900 Further Networking
0930 Close

09 Mar 2016, 0800 - 0930


Innovation Martlesham, in association with IP Network, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event

with Guest Speaker

Adrian Jakeman, Head of IT Training, QA Ltd

"DevOps - the new normal ... and why you need 'T-shaped' developers"

In software development and systems management, there’s always the next ‘big thing’. In the past this has included virtualisation, cloud computing and a variety of, at the time, commonly used (and misused) buzzwords. DevOps IS the next ‘big thing’ – its adoption promises higher speed to market of software innovation and enhanced customer satisfaction.Like every next ‘big thing’, there are misconceptions and challenges that need to be addressed and overcome if businesses really are to reap the benefits that are promised.

This Presentation allows us to understand  the ideas, behind DevOps, the hurdles it helps us to overcome, the strategies we need in place to allow successful adoption and the benefits we can expect to accrue.


Chiara Aliotta, Founder and Creative Director, Until Sunday, Brand Manager and Lead Designer of Virya Group and Co-founder of The Patter Tales

"Flight of the pixel - how designers and developers can work side by side"

Web designers are seen as the creative of the web team. They are aesthetically-oriented, eccentric dreamers, but most of all, as soon as they start to question every little thing that doesn’t make their site look “perfect”, they can be very annoying for developers and programmers to work with.  Working as a web designer can be damn stressful.  They have to design for a medium that changes every day, which is not as reliable as a printed page, and that doesn’t look the same in all browsers.

With all these important aspects to consider, designers also have to come up with colours and graphics that match a company's values and communicate them consistently.  Once they have made all this effort, their work goes to the hands of the web developed with the hope that she/he will care about it in the same way.

Sometimes this magic happens, and everybody is happy: developers and designers shake hands, satisfied with their work together.  Sometimes, however, design and development take two different  roads, and this is when the balance gets broken and suddenly designers and developers discover themselves as two enemies.

We can get rid of the line between designers and developers if we just think about the fact that there are no beautiful websites without an enjoyable, engaging design and there are no accessible, user-friendly websites without great development

In this presentation, starting from the point of view of a web designer (me), you will learn about a few things that cause disagreements between designers and developers and how to overcome them in order to create a productive, efficient and professional relationship.




Adrian has worked in the IT and education industries for the past 25 years and joined QA in 2006 with a focus on the development and delivery of training around Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and the software development lifecycle. Still to be found in the classroom delivering training around Application Lifecycle Management and more recently in the area of DevOps, he is also responsible for the day-to-day management of QA’s IT curriculum. He has particular focus on the quality, breadth, depth and relevance of both vendor-produced courses and the extensive QA-authored portfolio


chiara 150

Chiara Aliotta is the Founder and Creative Director of the small agency, Until Sunday. brand manager and Lead Designer of Virya Group and Co-founder of The Pattern Tales.

She has many years of experience in art direction and branding. Chiara has created innovative designs for brands like Vodafone, Nivea,  Persol,  NH Hotel,  Osram, and many others.  She also volunteered in the Joomla! community for many years before becoming the Joomla! Brand Manager in January 2014. Her work is extremely creative, emotionally involving, detail-obsessed, and rich with colourful illustrations that come from her imaginary world. She describes herself as a typography addict and lover of colours. 
Today Chiara presents at a variety of conferences all around Europe, inspiring and informing people about the importance of design in everyday life. When she is not busy designing innovative products for her clients, you can find her waiting for a flight to some sunny destination, swimming in the Aegean Sea, capturing typography in the city with her camera, or spending her free time at home, snuggling with her cat, Kissa.

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