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16 Apr 2020, 4pm (11am EDT) - 5pm


Innovation Martlesham Company EXFO would like to invite you to their Webinar

with Guest Speaker

Francois Marcotte, Subject Matter Expert EXFO

Educational Webinar Series - Technology Track  "5G: The future of things"

  5G wireless broadband is here, and it is the latest advance in cellular technology. 5G offers greater capacity, higher data rates and much lower latency. And it will enable further innovations—such as the internet of things (IoT) and network slicing— to create a smarter, more connected world. 5G development has been well underway for some time and many companies have already introduced early versions of 5G devices, applications and networks. However, it may still take a few years before we see the full potential and benefits of 5G. How can operators make sure they deliver the 5G experience to their customers and take full advantage of new revenue streams? How can they guarantee the performance of these new services and applications? In this webinar, we’ll tackle those questions and more. Key takeaways:
  • 5G architectures: how the network is changing to adapt to next-gen technologies
  • 5G new radio, millimeter wave, massive MIMO and beamforming
  • Important testing and performance monitoring requirements
  • Internet of things (IoT): examples like the smart farm will be discussed
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