“Customer Retention – How Good Is Your Wrap !”


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18 Nov 2019, 1030 - 1230

Innovation Martlesham, in association with East Suffolk Council would like to invite you to another Knowledge Sharing Event

Location:  The Ross Building, Adastral Park

with Guest Speakers:

Jim Milne, Seventh Sense

Andy Mills, Applied Risk Management

Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT

Emily Guy, ZOG Energy

Attendees at this event will benefit from the knowledge Innovation Martlesham (IM) has gained from working with over a hundred companies who are part of the IM cluster at Adastral Park, Ipswich, UK. Business Schools the world over say you are only half way there once you have built your market offering and are ready to launch - the next stage being how your potential customers can buy it and use it. This is what the industry calls the service wrap. In this the final Knowledge Sharing event from IM you will hear about the importance of defining 'product' and 'service wrap' and how an enterprise must be able to ensure both topics are market strength before launch. You will also hear how standards will help guide business processes and identify areas that may have legal implications. When it come to the the future of service it doesn't matter if you are a large or small enterprise considering the psychology of service and the customer experience will be discussed and explored. Finally we get an insight from an award winning UK energy company on their approach and attitude to ensuring their customers get the best experience every time they engage with the enterprise.  

Topics include:

Jim Milne – Product Management and Service Design

  • The difference between product and service
  • What is the ‘Service Wrap’
  • Why moments of truth can turn bad to good
  • Delighting your customer’s experience
  Andy Mills – Standards Consultant and GDPR Adviser
  • How ISO standards apply to customer service
  • Can I use these standards to build my customer service processes
  • What information can I collect about my customers to improve service to them
  • Is data protection an issue
  Nicola Millard – Principal Innovation Partner
  • The psychology of service
  • Key trends driving customer behaviour
  • The rise of AI and new service channels
  • What does the crystal ball say for the future customer experience
  Emily Guy – Service Lead at Zog ( industry award winners for customer service )
  • Zog Energy overview
  • Why is the delivery of excellent service important to Zog
  • Designing the Zog customer experience
  • How does Zog maintain and measure industry recognised high levels of customer service.

PLACES ARE LIMITED AND ATTENDANCE IS BY REGISTRATION ONLY. Please register by contacting jim.milne@innovationmartlesham.com

** IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be advised that a delegate list will be created for hand-out at the event, for networking purposes. If you would like your name, company and job function to be included for other attendees to see, please let Jim know. This data will not be stored by Innovation Martlesham after the event **

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