Women in Tech Event at Adastral Park

May 24, 2018

The 6th Adastral Women in Tech event has taken place at Adastral Park.

Titled ‘The art of successful networking’, the event was simply buzzing! A fantastic line up of amazing speakers and panellists was enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience of over 75 people from BT and other companies  Innovation Martlesham.

The training session led by Margaret Burnside (from CAKE professional development) provided ample chances to network and fine tune networking skills with fellow attendees. Liz Walker (BT General Counsel) delayed her holiday plans to make sure she could address the audience and participate in the session, whilst Rachel Higham BT, Doreen Deakin ADVA Optical Networking SE, Gillie Evans BT and Kim Hickey, BT joined the panel session.

Elaine Noske BT gave another inspirational talk on her career and her role as a non-exec director at a local hospital. Bas Burger, CEO Global Services BT, provided a special video message too.

“Many thanks to BT’s Alison Wigg and Clazien Wezeman who led this excellent and very well received event.  I was delighted to see so many colleagues from within the IM cluster be able to network with members of the growing ecosystem at  Adastral park” says Nicky Daniels, Head of Innovation Martlesham.

Doreen Deakin, Key Account Director ADVA Optical Networking SE, was delighted to be part of the panel session.  Doreen says, “Our ability to feel happier in our work/life balance includes the need for acceptance of continuous change, participation of our own development and ongoing understanding of the larger community in which we work.  Our colleagues, industry partners, customers and mentors are some of the groups of people that can enhance our capabilities and learn from.  I felt fully supported, humbled and honoured to be included in the panel at the last ‘Adastral Women in Tech’ event, amongst a very capable audience, contributing some of my own experiences and knowledge but gaining so much more by doing so.  I look forward to working closer with this group and the wider Adastral and Industry community for greater synergies and inspiration”.  





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