Why Employing Members Of The Armed Forces Community Is Good For Your Business

October 28, 2020

(John Ogden, Business Consultant and Suffolk’s Armed Forces Commissioner)

When you’re looking to recruit someone for your business, what’s uppermost in your mind? The person, or their qualifications and technical skills? All too often the default setting is the latter and, in cases where deep technical knowledge and expertise are crucial, this is quite understandable. But more often than not, what you really want are people who are confident and engaging, innovative and highly adaptable, prepared to take responsibility and go the extra mile, but very much part of a team focussed on achieving success however challenging the circumstances.

Members of the Armed Forces Community, whether veterans, partners, reservists or those leaving the regular forces, already have these values and soft skills ‘baked in’. You don’t need to worry about them; they come already prepared and willing. Many will have appropriate vocational and management skills, but those who don’t are not only predisposed and keen to learn quickly, but are enabled to do so by the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership (CTP) process. Much of the training required for civilian employment can be either wholly or part-funded by this process, especially where the needs of a new career path and job are identified in good time.

And for businesses based in Suffolk, this is where the Suffolk Armed Forces Business Network comes in. Hosted on Linked In and managed by veterans already in civilian employment, this virtual forum seeks to provide members of the Armed Forces community with an easy first port of call on representatives of Suffolk’s key business sectors and companies. Early advice and the right signposting from here ensures not only that these individuals have the best chance of preparing for and securing the right jobs, but also that the needs of Suffolk’s businesses and economy are met.

It’s potentially a win-win situation for all, so seize the opportunity today and tap into this rich source of employment potential by joining the Suffolk Armed Forces Business Network on:

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