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October 23, 2013

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Innovation Martlesham welcomed Karen Gooch and Christine Bellamy from the University of Essex as Guest Speakers at our September IM Breakfast Speaker Event. (Click here to read about it.)

In October 2013, the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering launched a new ‘industrial placement year’ option in all undergraduate degrees. This is an invaluable way to have a consistent period of input with the possibility that the right student could be your next graduate recruit once they have completed their studies.

What else can the University offer you?

  • Final year students in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering undertake a final year project – which could be yours!
  • Courses and modules: They want to hear from you about the skill sets you require in this rapidly changing world.
  • Sharing the skills and expertise of academics and students through projects, research, internships and talks.
  • For all enquiries about our School of Computer Science & Electronic Engineering please contact Karen Gooch, Faculty of Science and Health Employability Co-ordinator, on 01206 873169 or e-mail:

The University runs its own Essex Interns scheme, which offers business a flexible way to attract skills, enthusiasm and fresh thinking for a specific period of time. Taking on an intern, even for a short period, can not only give your business a real boost, but also provides an intern with invaluable work experience to enhance their employability. At the same time you will be helping equip our future workforce with the business skills required to thrive in today’s market. Students are available to work part-time around their studies during term time and full-time during vacations. Internships can last from around 6 weeks to up to one year.

An internship can also serve as a trial period for potential recruitment to a permanent post. For more information about the internships scheme at the University of Essex contact Christine Bellamy on 01206 873729 or e-mail:

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