Transfaction enters IM incubator

June 15, 2012

Transfaction is a start-up technology company with aspirations to become the leading provider of smart technology transport solutions for those buying or supplying transport.

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Martin Robinson, the Founder with a background of senior procurement and strategic supply chain project roles across Europe for Nestle and Ralston Purina, is firmly of the opinion that much greater value can be extracted from along the journey value chain. His belief is that transport networks can run at higher levels of utilisation, with less waste, and improved reliability.
Transfaction’s technology continually monitors every order and journey to cut through the mass of data to advise on specific efficiency actions.  It then searches out and proposes the best-fit networked Affiliate to maximise journey synergies.
Their ambition is to occupy the space between academia and commerce; to blend research with the development and product-isation of innovative solutions. They are developing relationships with Affinity partners who are leaders in their own field, and linking into several prestigious UK Universities.
“Our passion is to reduce the harmful impact of transport and our core mission is to inform,” said Martin Robinson, the Managing Director of Transfaction Ltd.  “Our view is that “smart” technology can be our ally in resolving transport’s challenges. We also see that many are locked out from using smart because of affordability.  It is our vision to change that paradigm.”
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Martin Robinson 
For more information about Transfaction, please visit their website:

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