Tommy Flowers Network Invites You To The Virtual Spring Conference 2021, 23rd – 25th March

February 11, 2021

Invite to the Virtual Spring 2021 Conference, 23rd – 25th March

“Creating Value for Economies: Collaborate – Innovate – Educate”

The Tommy Flowers Network brings together the ICT industry and Academia with the new generation of universities’ postgraduate researchers to understand the biggest challenges we’re facing. We’re living connected, digital lives in a world that’s been radically changed by our use of technology and now through the pandemic as well.

Many of the devices, applications and services we rely on today, and the technologies that underpin them, were inconceivable to previous generations.

What happens next will be driven by the next generation of researchers coming out of universities. We need this new generation of research leaders to understand the ICT industry they will be inheriting – because they will be shaping our world from now on, and we want to support them to get it right!

The conference

Now more than ever this conference is well positioned to challenge the old and embrace the new.

We will showcase collaboration successes, with industry and academia driving latest innovations together.  This will include BT’s Dr Gilbert Owusu, Service & Operational Transformation who will lead a case study panel discussion with expert collaboration leaders from Essex University, University of Loughborough, Robert Gordon University and Michigan State University.

Russell Beck from ImagineThinkDo will give an inspiring view on this new world of work, the challenges and the opportunities, and leaders from industry, academia and governance bodies will provide collaboration and innovation stories to inspire the future.


Registration for the conference is for all three days with no fees

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