TakeAwayTaxi Moves Up A Gear !

March 29, 2017

TT 200

Milon Miah, the founder of TakeAwayTaxi, an Innovation Martlesham e-commerce company, has been considering the idea of third party investment to take his company to the next stage building on its success to date.

Part of his preparation was to present his investor deck to the Head of Innovation Martlesham Nicky Daniels playing the role of an investor. This gave Milon useful feedback and in discussions with other advisors met Jon Fieldsend, a local business angel who was also keen to be a moving force with the company using his knowledge and experience to grow and expand the company.

The joint discussions between Milon and Jon resulted in Milon finding not just the investment he was looking for, but an investor that was keen to be part of the company to ensure it is a significant player in the e-commerce sector.


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