Suffolk Tech Trio Join Forces to Develop New ‘Tech4Good’ Product

March 19, 2020


Chronicle is pleased to announce it is working with fellow Suffolk tech companies, Nerostorm and Circuitbuilder to develop the next version of Chronicle’s innovative Memory Box.

Blending Circuitbuilder’s skills in hardware development, with Nerostorm’s software development expertise, Chronicle is expecting this collaboration between three local companies to underpin the next phase of commercialisation of its Memory Box.

The Chronicle Memory Box is a consumer product that allows users to add spoken audios to printed photographs and is designed to help families, friends and other community groups preserve their personal stories in their own voices. The Memory Box exemplifies technology being used to support positive outcomes, particularly where is it used in care home settings and with local community groups.

John Royle, founder of Chronicle said “Initial reaction to the first version of our Memory Box has been very positive so I’m pleased to be working with Circuitbuilder and Nerostorm to progress the next version of our product. It’s great to be able to bring together all the necessary skillsets right here in Suffolk.”

Angus Thomson, founder of Circuitbuilder said “John approached me to help develop the new hardware platform for the Memory Box, which is exactly the sort of project that our industry-leading Circuitbuilder platform is designed to support. CircuitBuilder is a new way to create professionally designed circuit boards allowing clients to upload requirements, see a detailed breakdown of costs and watch in real-time as their project progresses to completion.”

Alan Jones, founder of Nerostorm said “Chronicle and Nerostorm regularly work together on projects so I’m pleased to be involved alongside Circuitbuilder to develop the software elements of this project. Nerostorm will be developing some embedded software as well as a smartphone app.”

Chronicle and Circuitbuilder are both members of the Innovation Martlesham tech cluster based at Adastral Park in Suffolk.

For more information, please contact:

  • Chronicle: John Royle at or 07752 191710
  • Nerostorm: Alan Jones at or 07967 686435
  • Circuitbuilder: Angus Thomson or 0330 133 0606


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