Raising Finance for Business Free Workshops

September 1, 2011

For businesses seeking £10,000 or more in external finance of any kind, St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge runs the EEDA-funded Understanding Finance for Business programme, which is entirely free of charge to companies based in the East of England region. This programme is all about clarifying the different funding options that exist for businesses; explaining when they are relevant and appropriate; and helping those who wish to apply for funding to prepare the best possible applications.

The starting point for a business interested in exploring the options for raising finance is a half-day introductory workshop, which are held throughout the region, at which experts in the areas of bank, grant and equity funding explain how these forms of finance work, who they’re for and under what circumstances they’re appropriate. Those who wish to learn in greater detail how to apply for a bank loan, a grant or equity funding can then attend one or more full-day workshops, which focus on the application process and how to maximise your chance of success. The final stage is for those who decide to proceed with a funding application, and involves up to two days of free one-to-one support with the preparation of the application. For those seeking equity funding the support can also include investment pitch training.

This programme will end in December 2011, so sign up now if you’re interested – the dates of all the workshops and details of how to register can be found on the St John’s Innovation Centre website

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