Out of Hours with Peter Cochrane “Artificial Intelligence – Fables, Facts and Futures; Threat, Promise or Saviour?”

May 14, 2018

You are invited to attend  “Out of Hours” Peter Cochrane ” at the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre on

Wednesday 23 May 2018,  18.00 – 20.00

Vene: Waterfront Auditorium, Level 1, Waterfront Building, University of Suffolk, Neptune Quay, IP4 1QJ


Professor Peter Cochrane will illuminate the fundamentals; what we know for sure; what we don’t know; and the Big Surprises that AI will bring.

This is part of our continuing Out of Hours seminar series hosted by Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre at the University of Suffolk. It will be an animated tutorial style event with demonstrations, videos & provoking propositions.


Tickets are FREE and available from Eventbrite.  Click here.

Refreshments provided


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