nOink Launch Personalised Health And Female Health Trial

June 22, 2020

Digital health has been brought into sharp focus with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as people all over the world move to remote consultations and new ways of getting access to healthcare.  In response to user demand from multiple trials, including one with BT,nOink – an Innovation Martlesham company, are set to release their much awaited My Health and Female Health.

This innovative company are making what they believe is a step change in personal health monitoring towards truly personalised healthcare.

Founded in 2018, nOink started with difficult and complex life-long illnesses, having set out to remove barriers to technology for millions of people globally living with rare conditions and multiple morbidities.

nOink believe achieving a better health future starts with understanding ALL of your health data and having it in one place. This is a departure from single condition apps and independent wearable devices, which although useful, serve to fragment health data and remove potentially huge benefits from tracking your health.

Conclusions from recent trials, highlighted the importance of mental health, female health, diet and exercise across all health conditions. nOink found demand from users to monitor their health in a way that was personal to them – “We are more than a set of symptoms and data points. Our users want greater utility for themselves and their family from their digital health platform”.

The nOink My Health and Female Health trial is now open to applicants (with limited spaces) ahead of a September launch. Users can now track any symptom, observation, medication, food/diet, exercise or wellbeing regardless of condition, for any family member, with 13 different languages available. With complete control of one’s own data, users can share important information with their trusted clinicians if they so wish.  Register:

nOink continue to work with industry and academic partners, including a collaboration with the University of Cambridge on mental health.  If you have a health project you are looking for help with, the nOink team would love to hear from you.


Build A Better Health Future

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