Nicky In Conversation With … Yuri Andersson, CEO, Angoka

February 11, 2021


In this podcast, Nicky chats with Yuri Andersson – CEO of IM company, Angoka.

Nicky opens this podcast by asking Yuri to explain the impetus to start the company, and how they came to focus on Smart Mobility and Smart Cities.

Yuri speaks about Angoka’s activities in managing cybersecurity risks in areas such as the Internet of Things, and later touches upon how crucial it is to tackle security issues head on to fully reap the benefits of all things Smart.

Finally, they talk about the challenges and opportunities inherent in the Telecom sector, which will be key to the future of Smart Cities. To find out more about Angoka’s activities in this sector, check out this recent press release from BT.

Yuri Andersson

Yuri Andersson, CEO of Angoka, has nearly 20 years’ experience of technology innovation in start-ups, research institutes and multi-nationals as a scientist, manager and director.

Yuri is Chairman of QLM Technology, a gas imaging sensor maker, and he is on the Board of Nu Quantum, a quantum-secure communications technology company. He is also Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bristol QTEC (Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre), and mentors on various programmes, including at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Previously, he spent over a decade in financial technology innovation, both in startups and also at investment banks where he has overseen multi-year, multi-million global technology programmes, including six years at BNP Paribas.


Yuri studied physics and engineering to a PhD level at CERN, Stanford, Cape Town and Linköping and holds an Executive MBA from London Business School.


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