Nicky In Conversation With …. Matt Dye, Solutions Lead of IR

April 23, 2020


Nicky opens up the podcast  by asking Matt to give a general overview of IR. Matt explains IR is a global company headquartered in Sydney, Australia and one of the company’s primary solutions is called Prognosis which is an enterprise experience and performance management solution that gives complete visibility across voice, video and collaboration ecosystems.

Nicky picks up on Matt’s mention that IR also has a payments solution and invites Matt to expand with a bit more detail into how Prognosis for Payments brings deep, real-time visibility into an entire payments environment . Nicky wraps up the podcast by asking what’s next for IR. Matt explains it’s a rapidly changing world but IR is matching those changes with solutions to meet the business challenges of their existing and future customers. 

Matt finishes up the podcast by inviting companies to contact him via email   or the IR website.



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