Nicky in Conversation with …. Joseph Spear, Director of Communications, Mvine Limited

June 22, 2020

In this podcast recorded over a remote call Nicky chats with Joseph Spear who many people will recognise as one of the popular faces of Mvine, a British tech firm which has been a very proactive member of the tech cluster since joining Innovation Martlesham as its 122nd company in April 2019.

Nicky starts by asking Joseph for a description about the business and quickly finds herself interested in a number of things he outlines, especially by what Joseph says Mvine is currently working on.

The conversation develops as Joseph explains the origin of the project, about the technological innovation the Mvine team is working to deliver and why time is of the essence.

The conversation concludes with Nicky asking about public perception on the area of innovation which could be far reaching if adoption can be achieved. Look out for the next podcast with Mvine to find out how it went.

About Mvine

Mvine Limited is a British deep tech company delivering next generation platforms that power the digital economy. It is perhaps best known for its work in providing cyber-secure collaboration portals, in use in the financial services sector as virtual deal rooms and in other industries as procurement portals and as diversity/equality portals. The company has also pursued identity management and its technology is use in the telecoms sector for federated authentication and in other industries for single sign on identity, authentication and authorisation. Learn more about the company online at



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