Nicky In Conversation With …. Jim Marshall, CEO, Marshall Wolfe

February 14, 2020

In this podcast Nicky chats with Jim Marshall CEO of Hiring Consultancy Marshall Wolfe ; a member of the hi tech cluster Innovation Martlesham.

In an earlier podcast Jim touched on the importance of collaboration to his business which Nicky not only agreed with but felt the topic was something worth going into in a bit more detail and get Jim’s view on the subject. So a starting point from Nicky was to ask Jim to expand a bit more about what collaboration means to him and why he feels it’s important. In explaining his views as to why collaboration is key to a business he gives examples of IM companies who he has collaborated with and why collaborating with the right people, it’s possible to build stronger and more appealing customer propositions . Nicky goes on to get Jim’s views on how to establish these collaboration relationships and also explores with Jim when to recognise a collaboration isn’t working and how to dissolve the collaboration without a long term fallout.”


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