Nicky In Conversation With Ian Goetz, Chief Architect Mobile Solutions, Juniper

March 31, 2020




In this podcast Nicky chats with Ian Goetz Chief Architect Mobile Solutions for Juniper Networks here at Innovation Martlesham in the UK.

As Juniper have been part of the IM tech cluster since day one Nicky asks Ian to give a bit of a background to Juniper and it’s associated technology. Ian gives an overview of the technologies Juniper has in it’s portfolio and an outline of the global nature of the company.

Nicky picks up on the area of cloud infrastructure that Ian mentions and it’s an invite to Ian to expand on what Juniper is doing in this area. Ian explains Juniper is very much developing solutions around cloud and edge infrastructure that has a great potential in factories, smart cities and even autonomous vehicles. The mention of Juniper’s cross sector technology offers Nicky’s the opportunity to ask Ian how technology might reshape the workplace for future generations. Ian goes on to explain why low latency and security will be key in any future solutions and what Juniper are doing in both areas.

Ian ends the podcast by highlighting the exciting things coming soon from Juniper including the rollout of webinars across their technologies and 5G that people can access via the Juniper web site.

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