Nicky In Conversation With … Dr Chang Liu, Founder of Extend Robotics

July 27, 2020


In this podcast Nicky chats with Chang Liu of Innovation Martlesham Company, Extend Robotics.

Nicky starts the conversation by asking Chang to tell her a little bit about himself and where the idea for the company came from, and in particular the set of flying arms !

Nicky was interested in how the ‘operator’ communicates with the arms and asked Chang to explain the importance of 5G.  Chang highlights how everyone can intuitively control the robot remotely. The robot suddenly becomes the physical avatar of the user to perform manipulation tasks at human-like dexterity – that they call the “Avatar Twin.

The conversation moves on to explore the different markets Extend Robotics is looking to move into after the launch of their first commercial model and Chang talks about such areas as energy utility, telecom infrastructure and construction, as well as possibly offering publish service, healthcare and farming applications.


For anyone who is interested to speak more with Chang, please drop Chang an email



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