Nicky In Conversation With … David Townsend Senior Presales Engineer, Flowmon

March 17, 2020

In this podcast Nicky chats with David Townsend of Flowmon who are an Innovation Martlesham company.

Nicky starts the conversation by asking David to expand a bit more about the terms being used more and more – NetOps and SecOps. This is an area that David is very familiar with and one of the cornerstones of Flowmon’s portfolio. David goes on to explain the Flowmon solution allows their customers to make informed decisions and deal with network anomalies in real time. The conversation covers many of the security areas that are managed at the traditional perimeter but David goes on to explain what can also be done to take defensive action. When looking forward to future releases from Flowmon David explains how, shortly, users will be able to obtain more critical and business impacting information direct from the users own network and to look out for Flowmon 11.

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