Nicky In Conversation With …. Andy Rayner, Chief Technologist of Nevion

February 21, 2020

In this podcast Nicky chats with Andy Rayner of Nevion who have offices and a lab here at Innovation Martlesham in the UK..

As Nevion have been part of the IM tech cluster for some while Nicky asks Andy to give an overview of what Nevion does and the markets they focus on. Andy gives a great top level summary of Nevion and also why they are a key company in the media industry with most of the well-known brands as customers. Nicky picks up with Andy on the Nevion strapline ‘ Meet the architects of virtualized media production’ which Andy was very happy to deconstruct and explain what this meant and why he thinks the industry will be moving in that direction.

In the final part of the podcast Nicky congratulates Andy on a recent fellowship and asks what he thinks the future holds for the media sector.

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