Nicky In Conversation …. Nigel Someck, Account Director, Livingstone Group

March 2, 2021


Nicky enjoyed the opportunity of speaking with Nigel Someck, Account Director of Innovation Martlesham company Livingstone Group.  Livingstone Group are the leading independent, global provider of Software & Cloud Portfolio Management & Optimization services with clients around the globe.

Nicky opens by asking Nigel to explain what it really means for Livingstone Group in being provider Software Portfolio Management and Optimisation Services. They go on to discuss the challenges customers and other organisations experience in managing software licencing and cloud services in-house and Nigel uses a case study to explain.

Nicky is also keen to find out how Livingstone Group sees the industry going forward in light of an increasingly rapid migration to cloud services now taking place.



Nigel is very happy to answer questions you might have, and can be contacted by email.


About Livingstone Group

We help our clients optimize their software and cloud portfolio to avoid unnecessary cost and risk, whilst driving value from their investments throughout their lifecycle. We have a strong track record of delivering proven up front savings that average 38%. Our Trustworthy Data and Lifecycle services help clients maintain these savings through control, mitigation of business risks and our Optimization services continue to deliver value from their IT investments. Our growing team of 150 experts provide the intelligence our clients use to govern their digital transformation journeys. We have a diverse global client base including many fortune 500 clients, public sector and mid-market organizations that we regularly work with in over 20 countries, managing our clients service contracts spanning over 138 countries.

For up to the minute information on Livingstone Group, please follow us on LinkedIn or for enquiries please contact us at



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