NG-CDI: Next Generation Converged Digital Infrastructure Event

October 22, 2020

Join us on 3 November 2020 between 13:00 – 14:00, where

Professor Ning Wang (Networks University of Surrey 5G Centre),

Dr Charalampos Rotsos (Lecturer in Computer Networks, University of Lancaster) and

BT’s Peter Willis (Software-Based Networks), present “Intent-Based Networking”.

This is the second in the series of thought leadership events, sharing the NG-CDI vision of a virtualised and integrated service infrastructure


Increasing the rate of delivery and value of new services will depend on smarter ways to capture customer needs and translate these into service definition and delivery. The research is investigating the capture of customer intents in machine-readable ways. The research covers not only service creation and DevOps, but also methods to maintain or re-negotiate service levels in real-time in the face of changing network dynamics, using autonomous distributed agent architectures.


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Open to BT and non-BT


The aim of NG-CDI is to ensure that the UK remains the leading digital economy. The existing network is recognised as a critical piece of national infrastructure, never more so than under the current lock-down, which has made very apparent the nation’s dependence on the network. As the major telecommunications infrastructure provider in the UK, BT takes responsibility for continuing to build this infrastructure fit for the future.

New technological opportunities present the opportunity to transform the speed of definition, deployment and management of new services. Autonomic technologies will enable the growing scale and complexity to operate economically. Since the start of NG-CDI, BT has initiated automation programmes across the whole business, and has begun the deployment of 5G networks to make services more seamless and ubiquitous. These initiatives provide a range of key exploitation routes for the work of the project, working against a range of timescales.

Over the course of the next few months, we will be holding a series of thought leadership events to provide the NG-CDI vision of a virtualised and integrated service infrastructure (also see attached pdf):

    • Service Assurance & Infrastructure Management (8th December; 11:00 – 12:00) Register here
    • Anomaly detection (January 2021) tba
    • Culture and governance (February 2021) tba
  • Ambitious deep learning, resource optimisation (March 2021) tba




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