New OXEMS Website – Working With Banbury Howard To Build A Base Point For Buried Assets

February 2, 2016

O       banbury howard logo on white

Based here at Adastral Park within the Innovation Martlesham cluster, OXEMS is an innovative technology and engineering company, providing tagging and ongoing intelligence on buried assets such as electrical cables and water pipes.

In a fast paced emerging market, the team at OXEMS recognised the need to firmly position their brand as a market leader, differentiating themselves from the competition, both in the UK and in Europe.

Having already invested in a new brand identity, OXEMS required a new website to be consistent with their vision and values, as well as their fresh new look and feel. It also needed to be designed to host the range of marketing collateral, offering a go-to resource for a diverse audience, including experienced engineers, professionals and experts in the utility industry, as well as ever-important potential stakeholders, looking to invest in the business.

Knowing the team at Banbury Howard, and having heard them speaking at one of our Innovation Martlesham networking events, OXEMS asked the marketing agency to work alongside their in-house team.

First conducting external research and learning the complexities of the product, service and the wider utility industry, Banbury Howard used their learnings to confidently and effectively position the design, build and population of the new OXEMS website. From this consultation and research, Banbury Howard was confidently and effectively able to position the company and to design the new OXEMS website.

Kevin Gooding, Founding Director at OXEMS said: “We needed a new website that would showcase the integrated model of the OXEMS system, allowing potential clients and investors to easily find, and clearly understand, the specialist products and services we offer.

“Banbury Howard worked with us to understand the needs of our customers and stakeholders, crafting a user experience that is balanced, intuitive and simple to navigate.”

Professional imagery, chosen to be consistent with the company’s branding, plays a key role in the site design. Cultivating the brand further and generating an integrated approach to OXEMS’ marketing strategy, a new suite of marketing materials was also designed and produced, as well as trade press ads, Word document templates, direct marketing and sales collateral.

Commenting on the campaign, Colin Boyd, Creative Director at Banbury Howard, said: “OXEMS’ marketing communications are now truly consistent with their new brand identity. We’re confident our website design has created a professional platform to develop strong brand awareness within the technology and utility industry, and we’re looking forward to working with Kevin and the team at OXEMS to build on that as the company grows from strength to strength.”




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