Minima Teams Up with London Hospital For World First In 3D Printing

November 1, 2016



In October at TCT – the UKs largest 3D printing show at Birmingham NEC – IM company, Minima Design wanted to try a world first in 3D printing. Minima have recently collaborated with the Royal Brompton Hospital and Sutrue (a medical device startup company) to develop a two part novel keyhole surgery device, manufactured using 3D printing.

To demonstrate how far the technology has progressed, as an ambitious live test, the two parts of the device were manufactured on site and assembled for the first time during the show. The metal part of the device was manufactured by Concept Laser using their Mlab cusing machine and the plastic part was printed by Tritech3d using their Objet printer. Prints were started on Wednesday morning and by the end of the day a series of components had been produced. The snap together parts were successfully assembled in front of an audience on the Tritech stand at the show (no pressure!). This positive outcome, enabled through Minima’s design knowledge of 3D printing and the accuracy and repeatability now achievable with the technology, prompted consultant Cardiac Surgeon Mr Richard Trimlett to announce that the device would be used in theatre as soon as possible.



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