MindGraph wins Marketing Awards

September 25, 2014

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One of the companies in the IM incubator, MindGraph Ltd, has just received two awards from the Academy of Marketing. One for the best paper; emotional analysis of social media conversations, and the other a track award for qualitative inquiry in marketing.

MindGraph’s pioneering solution analyses online user-generated data such as Twitter to understand social consumer behaviour. Reports are then generated and used by product and marketing departments to keep up with market trends and behaviours. This allows them to identify market and customer strategies such as new products and services. Thereby addressing the needs of consumers. More and more people are socially connected and becoming increasingly enthusiastic about interacting, sharing and collaborating through social networks, online communities, blogs, review sites and other media. It’s Mindgraph’s objective to distil this large amount of unstructured information, and collective intelligence, into a coherent set of easily understandable and structured information set.

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