MindGraph Accepted into the IM Business Incubator

March 20, 2013


MindGraph, the social research company, has recently been accepted into the Innovation Martlesham (IM) Incubator.  MindGraph is a start-up company which aims to make social intelligence available to businesses, to optimise decision making in their product development, identify new market opportunities and improve the effectiveness of marketing programs.

MindGraph believes that the social research market is going through a large-scale global transformation where socially conscious consumers are utilising their collective voices and purchasing power to halt unsustainable business practices.  In the coming years, social media will become a powerful tool that consumers will aggressively use to influence business decisions. Concerned consumers are already realising that they can use social media to organise themselves around shared values to start effective movements that punish irresponsible corporate behaviours.

MindGraph’s goal is to allow businesses to achieve a deeper customer understanding by listening to their values and needs to help brands build products and services that meet these consumer requirements.

The MindGraph solution will collect and analyse social media consumer data and deliver targeted reports specific to the industry and business needs.  The company is initially targeting the food and drinks, and the retail sectors.  It will undergo trials of its solution for businesses in East Anglia, before expanding out to the rest of the UK.

Leading the business and strategy development for MindGraph is Director, Yuvraj Padmanabhan(photo below).  He is supported by a number of data mining, analytics, web and social media experts.

Prior to being accepted into the IM Incubator, MindGraph joined the IM Business Club (IMBC).  While in the IMBC, he was introduced to IM mentors that provided regular support to help him formulate a robust business strategy to help his pre-revenue start-up succeed in the market place.

Whilst in the IMBC, MindGraph was collocated with other ICT companies, this cluster of  high-tech businesses provided Yuvraj with an inspiring place to develop his business.  Yuvraj also attended many of the breakfast networking events where he met one of his current partner organisations, who in turn have introduced MindGraph to a potential customer.

“I am pleased that MindGraph has been accepted into the IM Incubator,” said Yuvraj Padmanabhan.  “We MindGraph_Incubator Banner v2_webbelieve that by harnessing the power of social big data, we can help businesses drive innovation and growth.  I look forward to the on-going development of our solution and starting trials over the coming year.”

“We are constantly looking for better ways to enhance product development activities and optimise marketing efforts through a better understanding of consumer needs and values expressed in a social setting.  Being part of the ICT Incubator at Innovation Martlesham at Adastral Park will enable MindGraph to further develop our solution and accomplish this goal.”

While in the IM Incubator, MindGraph will benefit from rent free office space and communication services for up to 18 months, as well as access to expert commercial advice from the IM mentor group to help continue developing its solution.

For more information on the IM Incubator or the IM Business Club, contact Jim Milne or visit the IM website

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