Microchip appoints app specialists Coderus as partner

March 27, 2015

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Coderus is honoured to have recently been accepted into the Microchip Partner Programme.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a situation where objects connect to a system that provides the ability to transfer data over a network and allows them to interact with one another without requiring human intervention.

It has emerged as a viable proposition for many applications now that computing technology has sufficient capacity and performance, combined with the internet and advances in low power wireless communications devices. This creates many new opportunities to generate valuable data in the medical and green energy industry sectors, for example. For the first time the vast amounts of data can be collected and manipulated in almost real time, proving invaluable in reducing the costs associated with predicting problems. Eventually this may also result in self-healing systems.

The ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things, refers to the almost infinite sensing/data gathering device possibilities. Those that we may easily relate to can be found in a heart monitor, wearable fitness device or a vehicle monitoring system – all able to provide the user with useful information or alert them of a potential problem. Enhancing the capabilities of devices that support people’s disabilities, such as hearing aids, will also be possible. Provided the sensing devices can connect to a central service through an internet connection, probably through wireless or mobile, information can be gathered and processed in an entirely automated fashion.

Coderus’ ‘development without barriers’ ethos and relationship with Apple for iOS apps and accessory development solutions, as well as producing for Android and Windows mobile platforms, along with extensive User Interface design knowledge, is what’s led to their recent partner status extension with Microchip.

Coderus declares itself as your app solution provider for Microchip in Europe. Mark Thomas, CEO, Coderus comments “IoT software development is not just another development platform, but a whole new level of device collaboration and customer experience. We all need to raise the bar of our offering to be confident of success.”

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