Metrarc Join The IM Cluster

November 5, 2018

Metrac small

We welcome Metrarc to our growing ecosystem.

Metrarc is developing ground-breaking technology for security applications based on deriving encryption keys from the properties of digital systems such as computers and mobile phones. The widespread adoption of encryption technology is seen as providing a solution to digital security issues, however in practice established encryption systems have an inherent weakness that the keys that are used to encrypt and decrypt data are stored and therefore if found can be used. This places a vulnerability on these systems making them potentially inefficient and insecure.

Metrarc have developed ICMetrics which takes features from a digital device, derives an ICMetric, uses it to encrypt data and then discards it without storing any of the keys or templates. To unencrypt, the reverse process is followed. The lack of templates and stored keys means that files may be encrypted with much greater security then with other security systems. However, ICMetrics is designed to be used alongside and harden existing security systems.

Metrarc is now further developing its ICMetrics technology platform to address the needs of e-commerce, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and blockchain applications.



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