Mentor Group Proving To Be A Key Differentiation for Innovation Martlesham

November 7, 2017

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With more and more companies joining the IM tech cluster at Adastral Park we normally ask what features of the cluster attracted the company to join. What is gaining more prominence are the benefits of the mentor group in deciding to join the cluster. The mentor group are a group of business and technologists who are experts in their own domains and give advice and guidance free of charge to mainly the companies in incubation, but also extend to other companies in the cluster.

The conversations are normally over a cup of coffee in the Adastral Park HUB and in the majority of cases the informal discussions offer the companies options to move forward with their business plans. The IM mentors do not restrict themselves to a number of days per month for mentoring, but there is an unwritten agreement that once the company and mentor feel professional services is more applicable the mentor will advise where professional services can be found.

The mentor specialities include: Legal, Accountancy, Patents, Marketing, Engineering, Business Planning, HR, Customer Relationships, Product Management and Investment. At any point in time about half the mentors are working with an IM company.

Neil Miles, co-founder of Inasight, says: “Inasight is a company with a simple goal to give our customers the ability to exploit every aspect of their data using Artificial Intelligence. We utilise the latest Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics techniques as well as providing a complete, secure cloud based data analytics service. We were the first company into the Innovation Martlesham accelerator and part of the induction process was to work with the IM team to identify the business support available. As a result we were pleasantly surprised that IM had within its mentor group a patent and trademark specialist. Following a few informal discussions we are now receiving some specialist support in this very complex area. A key element in the success of a start-up is the easy access to knowledge and information from people that know what they are talking about. The IM mentor group certainly has these qualities”.

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