Keswick Tourism Association Achieves £1 Million Of Direct Bookings Since Adopting Inn Style

August 25, 2016

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Inn Style, an IM based travel-technology company, which provides online accommodation booking systems, has helped Keswick Tourism Association (KTA) and its members, pass the milestone of 1,000,000 of direct online bookings since the organisations partnered in October 2015.

Keswick Tourism Association adopted Inn Style as its online booking system in October of 2015. It has over 350 members which includes just over 200 accommodation providers, all of whom have access to an Inn Style account. Guests can search across all the real time availability of KTA members and make their selection and booking in a matter of minutes. Accommodation owners can show their availability, take online payments and access the growing number of guests who are expecting the instant gratification of being able to book online, make payment and receive automatic confirmation of their stay.

£1 million of bookings, within a nine month period, is a remarkable figure, even considering Keswick is located in one of the tourism hot spots of the UK. This partnership between KTA, its members and Inn Style has enabled small businesses to thrive and UK tourism destinations to compete, by giving them similar online tools to much larger players in the online holiday market.

Vanessa Metcalfe, KTA spokesperson commented, “By incorporating Inn Style on the KTA website — — and enabling bookings direct with the property owners, members have effectively been able to save £200,000 of booking commission that would have been paid, had the guests made the bookings through a typical Online Travel Agent. This is money that’s staying in the local economy, supporting our Keswick businesses.”

Inn Style enables owners to show availability, take bookings and payments quickly, easily and securely. Inn Style is a flexible, responsive and cost-effective solution to managing accommodation businesses and is suitable for individual property owners and also tourism associations or Destination Management Organisations alike.

This significant milestone for the KTA members has been achieved despite the serious flooding which affected many parts of Cumbria during December 2015, and has resulted in some properties still being uninhabitable many months later. “The fact that we had the Inn Style online booking system meant that we were still able to show the world that Keswick was open for business.” Vanessa continued. “The many properties that were able to recover swiftly from the floods, could post their availability through the website, enable guests to find us, and see that they could still secure their holiday booking.” She continued, “if property owners were just relying on telephone or email bookings, I doubt the bookings would have been anywhere near as high. It would have been easy for guests to assume that properties were flood damaged and just book elsewhere.”

Of all travel reservations made, 57%* are made via the internet. Without an online presence, destination organisations and accommodation owners are potentially denying themselves access to over half of the marketplace. Smart phones are used by 51%* of all guests who book online, reinforcing the importance of mobile-friendly booking, which Inn Style delivers. (*emarketeer)

More than 20% of all bookings made through Inn Style occur between 10pm and 8am – times when most potential guests are unlikely to phone to make a reservation and, times when most accommodation owners may not welcome enquiries. Online booking through Inn Style enables sales 24 hours a day.

Designed primarily for individual accommodation owners, the Inn Style booking platform has been developed to also enable Destination Management Organisations and Tourism Associations encourage direct bookings for their members and ensure that tourism revenue remains within the local economy. Inn Style has in excess of 1,000 such account holders, linked to key destinations across the length and breadth of the UK. This figure is anticipated to rise to over 2,000 by the end of the year.

Adrian Melrose, CEO, Inn Style added, “Keswick Tourism Association is a perfect example of how tourism businesses can work together to enable direct bookings with property owners. KTA promotes the area and develops the audience through its marketing activity.  The property owners present their availability through their online calendar. Together, they use Inn Style to generate more online bookings, more visitors to the area and more money for the local economy.” He added “The Inn Style product is being enhanced all the time by our development team to add new features that our property owners value. We’re delighted to work with KTA and its members and congratulate them on reaching this fabulous £1 million milestone.”

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