Jangala Join Innovation Martlesham

February 19, 2019

Jangala logo med


We are very pleased that Jāṅgala have joined the Innovation Martlesham community.

Jangala empower people to make extraordinary internet without extraordinary skills and we look forward to seeing how IM can support us with this.

“We are a UK-based charitable organisation that design and make Wi-Fi systems used by grassroots partners worldwide to provide internet access to refugees and displaced people. The organisation grew from the crowd-funded volunteer effort that built the first Wi-Fi network in the Calais Jungle refugee camp in 2015.

We decided to go full time on the project at the start of 2018 and since then we have equipped grassroots groups across 4 continents with 19 of our prototype Big Box systems. Big Box enables any form of backhaul to be turned into effective Wi-Fi for hundreds of people and is designed to be operated without any specialist skills. In 2019, we are looking to raise funds to allow us to distribute at least 100 more systems to groups in need globally”.

Jangala’s work is an effective complement to existing efforts. Whereas organisations like NetHope, of which Cisco is a co-founder, focus on large camps and quick in-and-out deployments, Jangala focuses on building the long-term capacity of grassroots groups who are often currently overlooked.


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