Innovative GlazeAlarm® Returns to Glasstec

September 20, 2016


The GlazeAlarm® is a disruptive internet of things (IoT) home automation security product that allows glazing manufacturers to compete in the security space for the first time. A patent pending wireless, shock and humidity sensor system, the GlazeAlarm® is installed within a double-glazed unit (DGU) during manufacture and will notify the user immediately upon a breakage of the glass via their chosen smart device.

The revolutionary GlazeAlarm® has returned to this year’s Glasstec in Dusseldorf. The prototype product was first showcased at Glasstec in 2014 and has since been further developed and tested, along with the introduction of IOS, Android and Windows Apps, with a target date for full production and delivery in Q1 2017. Users of the GlazeAlarm® sensor will be able to monitor their safety, security and energy efficiency remotely on their chosen devices via these Apps.

Users create an online account, register their sensors and download the GlazeAlarm® App to their chosen devices. Once the set-up has been complete, users are able to select their safety and security preferences, establish zones within their home or office and create personalised notification processes.

The GlazeAlarm® is without a doubt the most robust and tamper-proof glass-break security solution available. It has applications for use in both residential and commercial sectors, allowing users to manage the safety and security of their premises remotely.

Ian Branagan CEO says “the other unique feature of the GlazeAlarm® is that it constantly reports live data back to the DGU manufacturers so that they can constantly monitor the performance and integrity of each and every one of their units.”

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