Innovation Martlesham Welcomes Legal Workflow

February 3, 2020

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Innovation Marltesham’s growing ecosystem is very pleased to be joined by Legal Workflow.


Legal Workflow  is changing the way that legal services are delivered. Founder Martin Langan is a solicitor with over 30 years’ experience in the legal profession. He turned his attention to technology some 20 years ago when a partner in a firm in Surrey. He soon saw the benefits that technology could bring to both lawyers and their clients and this put him on a path that took him away from legal practice and into finding ways of bringing legal services into the modern world.

Legal Workflow provides technology consultancy services to law firms nationwide. The company has now moved into product development particularly by way of online legal services and AI. People are used to engaging online in virtually all areas of their life, but this often grinds to a halt when instructing a lawyer. Legal Workflow is changing this by creating online legal services that enable clients and lawyers to collaborate digitally. Clients are guided through easy to understand online processes, asked only questions that are relevant only to their particular circumstances, and instructions submitted to the lawyer with key issues highlighted and documents assembled automatically in the background. This opens up access to legal services because automation of tasks that highly qualified lawyers do not need to undertake means that costs are driven down and lawyers have quality time to spend with their clients . Those clients are able to instruct their lawyers at any time of day or night.

These online processes are supplemented by automate chatbots that can answer legal questions. Machine learning is at the heart of the chatbots , which will become more conversational. Rather than simply waiting to be asked questions, the chatbots will become engaged with the online processes and make suggestions to both the client and to the lawyer. The company intends developing integrations with legal content libraries so as to alert lawyers to new clauses or legal principles to assist them as they draft documents.

AI development will further enhance the automation of legal processes independently of online interaction with clients. Voice technology will be harnessed to enable conversations between lawyers and clients to be understood by the AI and documents drafted and actions taken automatically as a consequence.

Martin Langan said, “We are delighted to join Innovation Martlesham, where we can participate in a like minded community and further our objectives to modernise and make more accessible the legal services that clients need and at the same time improve the satisfaction that lawyers obtain from their work.”


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