Innovation Martlesham Welcomes ANGOKA Ltd – A Cyber Security Start-Up

December 1, 2020


ANGOKA Ltd, a  Belfast-based cyber security start-up, has recently become a member of Innovation Martlesham, joining the ranks of several exciting and innovative companies.

The company’s focus on securing machine-to-machine communications, providing solutions for both existing and emerging technologies makes it a perfect fit for the technology hub at Adastral Park.

Founded in 2019, ANGOKA has patented technology for securing connected machines and devices using an embedded hardware unit that provides ultra-secure authentication and encryption. Its modules are relevant for a number of use cases across industries and sectors, including Industry 4.0, Connected and Autonomous Land and Air Mobility, Aerospace and Defence, and Smart Cities, including Critical National Infrastructure.

ANGOKA was the first Northern Irish start-up to be selected for the NCSC Cyber Accelerator. Our team has also participated in Seraphim Space Camp, Yes!Delft and TechNation’s Cyber 2.0 Cohort. ANGOKA has several interesting cutting-edge projects in progress, in partnership with organisations such as Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Steve Berry, Executive Chairman of ANGOKA, commented: “Connected machines and devices are becoming increasingly pervasive across industries, sectors and areas of life. From Smart Industrial Systems to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities and Homes, the market for IoT devices is continuing to grow at an unparalleled rate. Therefore, securing the communications between these devices is not only timely, but is also a matter of safety.

“The team at ANGOKA is pleased to be joining Innovation Martlesham. We feel it is an excellent environment to continue developing our solutions and testing them out on new and emerging use cases.”


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