Innovation Martlesham Is Very Pleased To Welcome Optalysys Into Our Accelerator Facility

May 7, 2019

 Innovation Martlesham is very pleased to welcome Optalysys into our Accelerator facility 

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Optalysys’s Optical AI Processors accelerate high resolution image analysis at incredibly fast speed and low power. This comes at a time when Moore’s Law is ending. AI specific silicon processors, including Google’s TPU and Graphcore’s Colossus, have an inherent and insolvable inefficiency processing high resolution images: not all the captured data is processed, processing time is prolonged and/or accuracy is compromised.


The Optalysys Processor has an intrinsic capability. All the captured data is processed holistically, at full high resolution in one moment of time, at the point of capture and missing nothing. This will revolutionise how data is processed.

Our technology delivers breathtaking performance coupled with stunning efficiencies – and is available now. It already outperforms high-end GPUs costing several hundreds of $millions to develop. Our near term road map develops an Optical Processor that will produce unseen levels of performance, orders of magnitude more efficient than anything a silicon based processor will ever provide. Furthermore, the technology is inherently low power and embeddable opening up a raft of “Internet of Things” applications.

Chief Commercial Officer, Emma Blaylock said “We are delighted to be part of the rich ecosystem of Innovation Martlesham. We not only aim to build on our current conversations with various BT groups but also to expand our dialog with the other companies involved in IM. I am keen to meet anyone with interests in high resolution image analysis – you can contact me directly on”




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