Innovation Martlesham Announces Second Company to Graduate ICT Incubator

March 1, 2012

University of Oxford spinout offers a solution “as significant as bar codes”

Innovation Martlesham,is pleased to announce the second company to graduate from the ICT business incubator; Oxford Electromagnetic Solutions Ltd (OXEMS).


OXEMS, a technology spinout from the University of Oxford has launched a revolutionary underground asset management system to help utilities locate, identify and manage their buried assets including modern plastic assets which are notoriously difficult to find once buried.

The OXEMS System is made up of three parts; tags attached to key points on the assets, a detector deploying advanced RF technology integrated with the latest GPS and 3G communications capabilities, and an intelligent database designed to link seamlessly with utilities existing systems.

All three elements are designed as an integrated system where the intelligence is maintained on the surface and not buried with the assets. The full system uniquely links data held on databases to the OXEMS tags in the ground using patented rFINDGoTo™ technology. This will enable utilities to make major operating cost reductions whilst minimising road works and community impact.

OXEMS has been working in partnership with Severn Trent Water, one of the three big UK water utilities, leading to the first trial of the OXEMS System.

“Potentially, this product could have an impact as significant as bar codes,” said John Divit, Leakage Best Practice Advisor, Severn Trent Water.  “It could possibly allow utilities to locate and identify assets in a fraction of the time currently taken, and with a degree of accuracy which is not currently possible. This could speed up field operations significantly, may reduce the time customers are without a water supply, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs.”

OXEMS are now finalising plans for a second trial with another leading water company to take place in north London in March.

“Being a part of the Innovation Martlesham Incubator has helped OXEMS in many ways.  The networking opportunities in particular have helped us identify skilled technical designers to work with and local companies who are now manufacturing different elements of the OXEMS System,” said the CEO of OXEMS, Kevin Gooding.

“Being located at Adastral Park, the home of BTs renowned R&D facility has also allowed us to undertake field testing with BT during the OXEMS solutions development. This is in addition to the help we have had from the IM Incubator Review Panel and the mentors”.

“We are pleased that the Incubator has helped support OXEMS, and that they are on their way to commercial success,” said David Ralph, Innovation Martlesham Chairman.  “Watch this space, because in the coming months we expect to announce more IM Incubator news.”

After its final review by the IM Incubator Review Panel, OXEMS has successfully moved out of the Incubator and will become a tenant of the refurbished Ross building at Adastral Park.


Above: CEO of OXEMS, Kevin Gooding

For more information on OXEMS, please visit their website

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