EVENT 15 October – Industry & Business Opportunities in the National Quantum Technology Programme

September 7, 2015

Event Venue:   BT Adastral Park, Ipswich, 15 October 2015

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Are you looking for new business opportunities enabled by exploiting cutting-edge quantum technologies?

BT’s global research headquarters, Adastral Park, will be hosting a ‘must attend’ event for businesses to learn about opportunities to benefit from the National Quantum Technologies initiative.  Industry speakers from BT and E2V have been confirmed, and the four Hub consortia and NPL will focus on their particular industrial engagement options for businesses.

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Speakers include the four Quantum Hubs:

  • Quantum Secure Communications: York-led Hub Consortium, Tim Spiller, Director
  • Quantum Sensing/Metrology: Birmingham-led Hub Consortium, Kai Bongs, Director
  • Quantum Computing: Oxford-led Hub Consortium, Ian Walmsley, Director
  • Quantum Enhanced Imaging; Glasgow-led Hub Consortium, Steve Beaumont, Director


  • Quantum Metrology Institute, National Physical Laboratory: Rhys Lewis, Director
  • Innovate UK:  Richard Murray, Technologist in Emerging Technologies and Industries

And Key industrial players:

  • Tim Whitley, MD Research & Innovation, BT
  • Trevor Cross, Group Chief Technology Officer, E2V

The event combines short presentations with an exhibition of the Quantum Hub work and industrial downstreaming where you can engage with academic and industrial players.

Industrial players include:  Toshiba, ADVA Optical Networking, M Squared Lasers, Dstl, AWE, Thales, Coherent Lasers, BP, Compound Semiconductor, GCHQ, Selex, Oxford Instruments, and Kelvin Nanotechnology.

The UK government commitment of over £270m to a five year National Quantum Technologies Programme is explicitly directed at accelerating exploitation of quantum research for commercial value –  products, processes and services to be delivered by industry and business. Opportunities exist in (but are not limited to):

  • Component technologies – oscillators, accelerometers / gravimeters, random number generators, precision gyros, modulators / repeaters;
  • Component sub-systems – specialist lasers, optical frequency combs, ion traps, ion pumps, entangled photon sources, optical switches, superconducting devices;
  • Atomic clocks – enabling extremely accurate timing and navigation devices;
  • Sensors – precision rotation / magnetic / gravity for through-ground imagers, gravity mapping, inertial sensing;
  • Communications – using Quantum Key Distribution providing formally proven security of data transmitted over networks;
  • Enhanced imaging – for imaging / range finding in low light, multi-spectral imaging, ‘stealth’ imaging;
  • Computing – utilizing ion-trap arrays connected by photonics, providing the basis of vast processing capacity for large / complex requirements.

These technologies have applications across many industry sectors including: ICT applications, advanced manufacturing, infrastructure management, energy, defence and space, finance and healthcare.

This event is designed to help you identify ways for your company to take advantage of the opportunities and available funding to be part of a major national industrial initiative.

Attendees will:  

  • hear from the Quantum Hubs, Innovate UK and industry leaders about the breadth of opportunities to be exploited;
  • how to get involved;
  • meet and network with quantum technology leaders and businesses looking for collaborators;
  • learn about funding opportunities.

If you are a business, small medium or large, working in these sectors and want to learn more about a technology just starting to impact new products then don’t miss out!

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