IM Welcomes TruNarrative

May 30, 2017

TruNarrative med

IM is delighted to welcome Trunarrative.

TruNarrative was founded by John Lord, CEO, in 2016 with a clear goal: to make safe commerce simpler.

Safe commerce is simpler when IDV, AML and fraud checks run in a single unified platform. Simpler for consumers, simpler for you.

In safe commerce, you spot your good customers faster while weeding out villains more easily. You curb losses, write-offs, and fines for non-compliance. You face fewer reputation risks. Customers on-board easily, and stay loyal, due to frictionless transactions. You identify VIP spenders and high-value customers, in order to differentiate their experience.

“TruNarrative is a new entrant in the IDV, AML, KYC and fraud risk management market. The spread of ecommerce and the rise of fintech require a fresh approach to fraud and money laundering detection and prevention” says Mark Harvey, Senior DevOps Engineer.

The new approach harnesses artificial intelligence, in data-rich systems capable of learning. Legacy systems cannot evolve quickly enough to deliver. That’s why we used our decades of direct experience to create a new platform.

The TruNarrative platform contains a proven decision engine built by an established technology team. Legacy technology constrains current IDV, KYC, Fraud and Money Laundering detection systems. Without an integrating platform, each data set and subsequent decisions exist in a silo. Silos create inefficiencies and add to manual work. This adds delays that impinge on customer experience and creates unnecessary management costs right across an organisation.

Mark is very pleased to be back at Adastral Park and delighted to bring TruNarrative to the IM Cluster.  He started work at Adastral Park back in 1993 as part of BT Graduate Sponsorship programme, and has in fact spent a lot of his career in companies who are part of our ecosystem, but TruNarrative is in fact his third ‘startup”.

“I think I might have set a record for the most number of employers worked for whilst based at Adastral Park” says Mark.



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