IM Welcomes Porta Systems to the Cluster

September 13, 2013


Innovation Martlesham is pleased to welcome Porta Systems to the ICT cluster at Adastral Park.

Porta Systems Ltd is a subsidiary of Tii Network Technologies Inc, a large US/UK manufacturer of copper and fibre products for the telecommunication and data communication industry. The company innovates, designs, manufactures and tests all products in-house, rather than sourcing from suppliers, to ensure reliability and control.

Porta Systems has worked with BT for over a quarter of a century, designing and creating test jacks, and have recently converted the traditional design to an IDC connection to give BT their most compact, reliable, wide spread connection method to date. Most recently the company has been working very successfully with BT to design a new power test and surge protection method.

The company also has a bespoke design and engineering department in the US and China, for fast turnaround 3D drawings and prototyping, with cost-effective solutions to suit all requirements.

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