IM Welcomes MajestEYE Into Our Incubator Facility

April 22, 2020


The MajestEYE team is thrilled to join the Innovation Martlesham incubator to benefit from world class coaching, an innovative ecosystem to thrive and be exposed to potential clients, partners and investors.

MajestEYE is a Data Analytics Technology vendor with the mission of empowering its customers to succeed in the transition to a data driven business model.

Founded by two Co-founders with complementary profiles, Business Transformation consulting and Data Science, MajestEYE crafts its vision for the value of data, its methodology for data analytics and its know-how into a proprietary technology that solve three main challenges faced by organisations engaged in Digital Transformation: First, scattered analytics resulting in inconsistent approaches and tools; second, the lack of open ended exploration of data leaving a wealth of knowledge untapped; third; the difficulty to deploy successful data analytics POCs at scale.

MajestEYE tackles these challenges first through a technology that covers the whole data value chain (from ingestion to deployment) following the best practices for data analytics methods; second, by dedicating an intuitive module for Exploratory Data Analytics and third, by using its powerful predictive analytics engine as a data modelling factory allowing knowledge extraction and deployment at scale.

The company passed the product development stage and is currently gaining traction introducing its value proposition to multiple sectors (Government, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Utilities) with the aim of acquiring clients and attracting first external investors.


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